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my personal life:  My Husband and I am help raise his two grandaughters, teenagers and toddlers. 

  • I write poetry and lyrics (see my poetry/lyrics page),
  • I paint and indulge in other forms of art,
  • I run and hike around the Bay Area. 
  • Singing, dancing, yoga, gardening and Communion with the Divine is my life.

my active life:  I have been female lead, with two local Bay Area bands:
  • The Loose Licks Jug Band as female co- lead and co-back-up vocales
  • Django Mack as backup vocales and Female lead on various projects
  • I sing blues and romance rock solos at Memorials as prayers to those who have crossed over
  • and learning voice privately
  • I am actively pursuing my solo venture around the bay area

in the past: I sang in two musical groups located in the Bay Area. 
  • Women & Song performs around the Bay Area at various times of the year, and is an a capella group, singing songs that celebrate life, love, feel-good beliefs, the family, and the earth.
  •  The Fallen Angels is a bluegrass/country gospel group.  I was a lead vocalist with the group and I also played backup harmonica for the group. 
  • One of my musical partners and I formed a singing collaboration called SA RO (pronounced SAH- ROW'), which means "deeply pregnant with peace" or "the deep mind of God gives birth to divine peace".  We wrote, sang and danced.
I enjoy a vegan lifestyle and long-distance running in the hills and valleys of California and across the Golden Gate Bridge.  After all my work is done, I pick up my paint brush and oils and paint images of the man I married and our life together.
When I am not with our family, singing and writing, working, painting, or outdoors playing, you can usually find me in the book stacks of a local library or bookstore.

I am presently reading:
The Federalist Papers
Real Estate Appraisal Principles and Procedures
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