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August 23, 2018

CalBRE License # 02067079


Rosa is an expert in the field of muscle and nerve injury with

25 + years as a professional Massage & Anatomy Therapist.  

accredited with over 2000 classroom hours

Eastern and Western Wholistic Therapies

yoga postures, meditation and prayer work,

deep knowledge of nutrition and vegan diet

active swimmer walker and hiker

intimate knowledge of the workings of the body in motion and in rest.

I Studied Architecture, Construction Technology, and Engineering

held technical positions in Engineering fields in Deep South and Midwest.

My understanding of foundational and structural details transforms the realm of the human body.

experience immediate results

freeing, ranging from severe mobile body restrictions to light mobile restrictions 


Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.)

New College of California School of Law

Research and Writing.

Current Research: Cyber Stalking & Cyber Fraud

Most recent research: Social Media Behavior Fatigue, Constitutional Cases for Impeachment Precedents, Real Estate Principals. Cancer Protocals and Curative Therapies 

Pour over Wills with Revocable Trusts.

Labor Law Violation, Bank Fraud, Rent to Own Agreements, Public Resources Sustainable Land Use Law, Community Property, Probate Law, Trespass and Vandalism and Trademark Infringement Law, Trade Secret Law, Trademark Law, Foreclosure and Fraud, Electronic Harassment and Stalking

Construction Contract Breach and Liability,

Liability and Fraud, Fair Debt Collections

California State Bar Ethics pertaining to Attorney Statutory and State Bar Limits Title 1.6c

Bankruptcy Creditor Claims, Real Property Title Rights/Contract Issue and Breach,

Statutory Law for Appeals after Final Judgment, Libel, Child Custody, Real Estate Valuations, Product Marketing, Product Liability, Criminal Expulsions, Judge and Police Misconduct, Inheritance Rights, Airline Insurance, Elder Abuse, Tenant Rights, Real Property Title and Rights/ Contract, and Debt Liability.


I have been an organic gardener my entire life.

Please check out my Organic Gardening Websites at


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